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Welcome to Mine the Heart Coaching! I am here as a partner to explore what is alive for you right now and to create meaningful change in the world, in your community, and in your own life. I will hold a safe and supportive space to explore your inner wisdom and vast reservoirs of potential in pursuit of your goals and greater wellbeing in your life.


“Mine”: to dig in, examine, explore, excavate, probe, seek, unearth, inquire

I created my coaching practice to help you ‘mine’ the inner wisdom that can lie beyond the reach of the mind. Through coaching, I help you tap into your creative, emotional, spiritual, and physical ways of knowing. As you learn to listen to and integrate these different facets of the human experience, you will experience a greater sense of presence and wholeness in your life.

We all have within us the capacity for transformation. For nearly a decade I have coached clients to clearly discern the change they seek, map a path of transformation, overcome obstacles, and sustain motivation. I draw on the latest insights from adult development, systems thinking, emotional intelligence, leadership studies, and change management to help you cultivate resilience and wellbeing.

Join me on a journey to explore, integrate, and thrive.

After each session with Laurelin, I’m left feeling enriched, supported, creatively motivated, and excited about my path forward.

Erin Upton 
Researcher & PhD Candidate

Laurelin’s humble wisdom, wit, calming presence, and keen understanding of who I am made our time together intensely powerful and empowering.

Raiza Lisboa

Managing Director, Teach For America

Laurelin created a space in which I felt heard and valued. She enabled me to handle challenging situations with grace and a clear vision of what I wanted.

Jenny Bard
Director of Special Education

Laurelin guided me to explore my inner narratives and beliefs - and build personal practices to be more aware, accepting, and in play with whatever life brings to me.

Shrey Rawat

City Training Manager, Teach For India

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